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Talking about palm trees brings us echoes of oasis, refuge, freshness and its image is that of distant and exotic lands. Naturally elegant, they have been used for centuries as an ideal complement for buildings ranging from monumental and urban architecture to country houses. Elegant, exotic, versatile, true jewels of nature, palm trees decorate without damaging the buildings with their roots, creating fresh, intimate and beautiful spaces.

In Palmeral San Cristóbal, we cultivate diverse species of palm trees in a natural environment, according to the criteria of "specialized forest nursery" the production of each specimen is taken care of from the germination to its later cultivation, acclimatization and transplantation, processes that are registered with aims of research, conservation, exhibition and diffusion of the species in our care.

We have the experience to create visually attractive green areas by designing palm trees in their most beautiful form, and because we know what we grow, we guarantee your purchase with the necessary infrastructure and perfectly acclimated specimens, suitable for any space and need, guaranteeing their replacement in case of not surviving the delicate process of transplanting and adapting to their new habitat.

We cultivate during the last 15 years the amount of specimens necessary to cover the requirements of your home, up to those of a complete city.